UPSC answer writing the key resource and weapon in the IAS preparation process because it’s the key element by which one may advance in this journey successfully. It becomes quite challenging and difficult to pass this exam if a person has not carries out this practice throughout their entire UPSC preparation. Passing one stage is useless until one has been flawless in all stages, and on the other hand, the competition very high, so it’s not a wise move to take the risk at this time.

After realizing its significance, the candidate will approach from several angles and must be confuse by a wide range of questions, such as:

  • How should I approach practicing writing answers for the UPSC Mains?
  • What’s the best approach for preparing for the mains before or after the preliminary exams?
  • What were some reliable resources and tools that may be use to get ready to write an answer?

When one was able to locate a platform where they may understand the many results of writing as well as formulating the best answers, that’s when all of these questions can be definitively answer. One of the best IAS coaching institutes, EDEN IAS, developed a special platform through which they introduce a desirable and aspiring answer writing forum with the intention of assisting both the beginners and those who already have some familiarity with this domain. This platform was one of the most outstanding because of its remarkable results every year.


The primary UPSC module that affects a candidate’s preparation and performance leading up to the exam is answer writing. The mains will test one’s comprehensive knowledge and will judge their analytical as well as intellectual way of thinking, yet these days the UPSC examination is not flexible but prone to change each year, which is the cause behind this. Therefore, once one has mastered it, it will be simpler for them to approach mains without incident. Following this strategy, EDEN IAS introduced SUGAM and STEPS, two systems for producing mains answers that will help the candidate to switch from beginner to advanced level. Some of the key points related to this program are-

  • A daily Answer writing course for beginners called SUGAM, which means “Simple,” has been developed by Eden IAS. The entire GS I, II, III, and IV syllabus for the UPSC CSE Mains is covered in this course.
  • where candidates can select between taking the complete course, which covers GS Papers 1, 2, 3, and 4, or any one or more GS Papers out of the four in Module form, depending on their needs.
  • So, this is a significant step that has been taken for beginners and will assist them in learning the fundamentals of how to approach mains questions and how to create effective answers.
  • Now that all of the fundamental concepts have been taught, the students move on to the next level, STEPS” – Stay on Track & Enrich your Preparation, a daily answer writing course for the UPSC Mains exam. This course not only helps to improve answer writing skills, but it also focuses on strong concept building, vocabulary improvement, and time management skills in the Mains exam to attempt more and more questions.
  • The goal of this course is to prepare students for mock tests and the actual UPSC Mains Examination format. This course covers all General Studies papers and has designated days for essay writing and current events.
  • In order to prepare all students for both the static element of the curriculum as well as the current events, there is a subjective division of the papers in the complete curriculum in which there will be arrival of many static questions and in combination with current events.
  • There are numerous mini mock tests and larger tests included so that candidates can demonstrate their proficiency, work on their answer writing, and receive a comfortable approach that will enable them to answer all the questions with ease.
  • Also, there is a provision for one-on-one mentoring sessions under the guidance of experts, which they may use to concentrate on their areas for growth and learn how to improve their weak areas so they can get better grades in them.

As a result, all students will benefit from and be able to improve their experience and competency in this field with the help of this method and the platform they are provided, and at the conclusion of the program, they will be able to deepen their grasp of each module.

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