Excel in Essay writing UPSC with Eden IAS!

Excel in Essay writing UPSC with Eden IAS!

Essay Writing for UPSC is a game changer. The minimum and maximum number in the essay ranges from 25 to even 180. Recently, it has been observed that many aspirants are unable to score well in Essays. Why can’t aspirants write well and get good marks? For this, we should first know why UPSC makes the aspirants write an essay.

UPSC evaluates the following factors in the applicants by applying the UPSC essay in the region:

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Develop and present an argument
  • Current Designs and Concepts (New Concepts and Not Borrowed Concepts)
  • Scientific conditions; rational thinking; great mind; ethics
  • Best of the article
  • Persuasive art; interpersonal communication skills; decision making
  • Test your field of vision, whether you are one-dimensional or multi-dimensional


Eden IAS is happy to help you with Essay Coaching for UPSC

Eden IAS has started a UPSC Essay Writing Program which provides funding for all those who are aspiring to write UPSC Essays. This course is taught by the best essay teacher in far – Mr. Tirthankar Roy Chowdhary. Having the most effective interpersonal skills, he engages in brainstorming – the process of gathering all thoughts,s, ideas and evidence at a given time for a quick response. It forms the backbone of the essay or the center of the essay.

People who do not think carefully will not be able to write a good essay. Next, he teaches students the different techniques of writing an essay:

  1. List – Create a list of all stakeholders.
  2. Systems Analysis – Identify system elements, links, then flows.
  3. Organic Approach – You can approach the essay from the past, present, or future.
  4. (EASIEST) Topic/Contextual Mindset – Consider key GS topics such as politics, sociology, economics, law, culture, ethics, and technology.
  5. (Highest volume and strongest) Analytical Analysis Techniques – Builds a variety of separate topics around a given topic. This is especially useful in general subjects. For example – Let’s say the theme is “An eye for an eye can destroy the whole world”; subtopics can be exploitation, war, unfair competition or compensation, etc.

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Learn how to structure your essay from the Eden IAS essay writing guide for UPSC

After going through various stages of essay writing, Roy monsieur teaches students how to structure essays. It includes different levels:

Step 1: Topic selection

– Knowledge (level of awareness or level of prior knowledge you have),

– soundness (content at your disposal, ideas, and evidence to support your argument),

– Goodness (Desire if the aspirants love the subject; usually opt for a subject that is not often talked about, such as a common subject)

– Variety (show your comfort level by picking up different subjects and topics)

– Vision (level of innovation you have and not borrowed ideas to impress the researcher)

Step 2: Brain

STEP 3: Writing the actual essay

Introduction, description, explanation, and conclusion

Students can write essays that leave an impression on the researcher. So, what’s stopping you?

Contact Eden IAS and enroll in this Essay writing course for UPSC now.

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