Every time a UPSC candidate wants to do well in the main exam, they struggle in all of the GS subjects and look for opportunities to raise their score and rank. However, did you know that there are two key areas in the overall GS preparation from which their possibilities to improve their mains score can increase?

This is precisely the same as the UPSC exam’s essay and ethics GS4 paper. As a result, I made a concerted effort to become proficient. In GS paper 4 when I first started preparing for the UPSC. After reading books by G. Subbarao, Lexicon, and others in the same context, I feel as though I have a better understanding of some fundamental ideas and facts.

Then, to assess if what I had learned was on track or not, I took some previous year’s questions and even some practice exams, but guess what? I failed and did not perform well on the test series. I feel frustrated and helpless. About how and where to get better support for this subject. Which is very important to me and for which I did not want to lose points.

Then a few of my friends advised me to check out EDEN IAS, a prestigious institution renowned for its lofty program and courses as well as for offering the best coaching for ethics.

When I went to all of their classes, I discovered that every claim made for them was more accurate and appropriate because one of the most knowledgeable and renowned subject professors, Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary sir, the Best Ethics Teacher For UPSC is in charge of the classes and has already assisted many successful civil servants. In addition to all of this, the high-quality sessions and value-added resources they offer are something special to utilize in one’s preparation and use to support learning from the ground up, from the fundamentals to the advanced level. Which is knowing all the main concepts.

Best Coaching for ethics upsc However, after studying this topic in depth under their clear explanation. I have now come to understand it from the inside out, and I feel prepared to answer questions from every aspect. In addition to all of this, interactive lessons. Regular practice-based assignments and thorough test series with the appropriate augmented doubt-clearing sessions have been a part. One’s UPSC journey and will keep one refreshed and invigorated throughout their training.

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